How did you discover Rigs of Rods?

I was finding free BeamNG.Drive alternatives and asked AI a lot.
I found
Rigs of Rods after spending a significant amount of time.
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I'm a little newer to the game, I found it close to a year ago. I think I was watching some Beam ng drive videos and then I saw a video for this game, I forget what the video was called though. I figured it wouldn't run at all because of my crappy PC but I tried it anyway and to my surprise, it ran really well I also really enjoyed it. That just goes to show, never judge a book by its cover. Good game guys.
But I just got it earlier this year
i discovered ror like this:i was getting tired of beamng and then i thought"is there another game like this?"and then i went on google and searched up "games like beamng"and then i found this game,because it was free i installed it
Well it's an old story from about 2007.
I was learning to program Ogre with C++ and looking at open source racing simulations, I think that's how I found RoR, like 0.36 or so, had barely anything compared to present days. But it was somewhat useful, also code sources.
Here is info about my project from that time, where I used RoR's Island map terrain heightmap and drove there in my early game. I had other maps, where I started with vegetation but I lost all of that.
I'm glad now it's the other way. I have my own project(s) which can be useful for those who'd want to learn Ogre (or find out something) in Stunt Rally or OgreNext in Stunt Rally 3 and Terrain demo
The first time i have ever seen Rigs of Rods was roughly 3 years ago, when i installed it on my brother's toaster pc. I have never played it on that actually, i didn't even fully know what it is. Then, over 1 year ago, i started watching BeamNG drive videos on youtube. After some time, i decided i wanted it. But it is paid and i didn't want to spend money for a video game. I started searching around for something similar. Later i finally found RoR on alternativeto. After watching a couple of videos, i decided to install it, at that time i still had my potato low-end used laptop from 2012. I started by messing around on simple test terrain with the Daf semi. Later on, i started installing some gabester vehicles. I think the first one i have ever used was the gavril gv3r.